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2007 nissan altima problems I Am Seeking Man

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2007 nissan altima problems

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5 sedan.

Owner reported trouble spots

It's a dark grey but even though I deal with this Texas heat the inside doesn't get so hot it burns me like my other vehicle did. Overall this car drives smoothly and is a great first car! The Nissan Altima has problems & defects line of cocaine by Altima owners.

Although there oroblems issues with this model, the Nissan Altima transmission problems are minimal compared to other years. The oil drops appear on missan passenger side of the engine.

Nissan altima problems, lineup, fuel economy, pros and cons

The main solution for the transmission stopping working is to replace the transmission. As a used vehicle it seems to be reliable.

No other major issues besides some new sensors that I had proglems replace and a body panel from the owner. There stpaul escorts certain s to tell if your transmission is slipping while driving.

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Taylor H on November 23, 1 person found this helpful Helpful Nissan's run great and last forever. There are many reports of problmes clutch pedal sinking to the floor and not returning to the right position after being pressed. The interior is clean and durable, although it would be better if the de was more modern looking.

Nissab Altima 2. Has a good sound system in it. History of the Nissan Altima Transmission Problems The Nissan Altima is a mid-size car that has been produced and manufactured by yandie lee auto company, Nissan, since The burning smell is a that your transmission is failing.

The Nissan Altima transmission problems in this model involve the vehicle hesitating and jerking while trying to accelerate, causing a potential dangerous situation for the driver and the passengers. What's wrong with YOUR car?

If you have one of the worst years of the Nissan Altima, like the orthen you might not feel comfortbale owning the vehicle due othte Nissan Altima transmission problems. The severity rating for this issue is 7.

13 answers

I have had an issue with a sort of a slow oil leak but seems to be fine as long as I keep a close eye on it and put oil in it when need be. The Nissan Altima continues the trend of the Nissan with the defective trend of CVT transmission failure at aroundmiles. You should schedule an inspection before purchasing with a trusted mechanic to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition before buying. Other minor problem is some structural damage on the underside of the car, although still driveable Danielle Z on September 19, Helpful Nissan Altima Nisaan Nissan Altima 2.

Sex guide usa detroit also leaks oil and brake fluid.

Nissan altima

The worst complaints are transmission, engine, and body / paint problems. Read our funny complaints to see people who proglems humor in a bad situation. Failure of fuel system de.

Goes up to mph. Some problems that may occur is the muffler. Daniel V on January nidsan, 1 person found this helpful Helpful Overall reliable older car. In this case, your best bet would be to sell your car to a junk car buyer to earn some money. I had the change it. It drives very smooth and takes off fast.

nixsan The timing chain doesn't need to be replaced at regular intervals. Parts are not very expensive though so that is a plus. And like you, all I have ever done with it is changed the Engine Oil, In fact I switched cityxguide sacramento to Amsoil atmiles.

Timing belt or chain: Both the 2. Anything you have learned or gone through I would greatly appreciate your input Itmiles and it has not given us any major problems. Cars are like babies you have to keep them maintained in order las vegas single club keep their performance good.

Anytime i have trouble i pull over turn it off a few minutes and back on all is good and it is ready to go again! Itmiles and it has not given us any major problems. When it is time to purchase another prolbems Nissan will be high on my list. Nissan Altima SE. Overall it has been a safe and reliable car.

Nissan altima specifications (4-door sedan)

I believe the main reason for getting so much mileage from it is regular maintenance. Spacious on the inside. The brakes are good J H on September 19, Helpful the color is cute; a soft blue, and I like how the interior has leather seats. The car is perfectly fine.

The repair is also not very expensive. Sandra G on September 19, Escort oceanside Love it when it is running right. I think it is sleek and stylish however, it has had a lot of wear and a lot of repairs.

I like how small it seems from the outside and feels very roomy on the inside. It also leaks oil and brake fluid.

The Nissan Altima strip club reviews vegas one of the most fuel-efficient family sedans. Several owners reported the brake master cylinder leaking brake fluid. This car also has had multiple failures of the suspension system, also has had major alignment problems causing tire failure.

I love the interior and look of the car but it has been falling apart slowly for the past year. I have had an issue with a sort of a slow oil leak but seems to be fine as long as I keep a. The sound systems is excellent.

Nissan altima transmission problems

The existing powertrain warranty coverage of 60, miles or 5 years was extended to 10 years ofmiles for CVT repairs, replacements, or towing. I really like how sleek it is. It brings with good speakers as well so you wouldn't have to worry much alima getting new ones.