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So since it's Sunday and the car got there later Friday after they didn't have time to really check for the problem and I am expected to have the true diagnosis of the car tomorrow on Monday, I will follow-up later. They are deed to enable the windshield-mounted sensors and cameras required by active-safety bbw escorts austin, such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, to function properly.

And this battery was only 2 years old. By the way, this is my fourth Altima.

Not that the Altima's niceness extended to every aspect of its personality. These context-less thre are a breeding ground for troll nissqn and they contribute nothing to the overall ability of this sub to impart knowledge on subscribers.

Read this first!

We want robust discussions here where people can get the whole picture of a situation. How long have you had your Altima, and how reliable has it been? So my car has been great to my knowledge until the last week or so. But mostly it has stayed close to our home base in southeastern Michigan as a day-to-day commuter.

Unfortunately, that isn't all we've spent. We wanted to experience the Altima's optional all-wheel-drive system during our usually sloppy, cold Michigan winter. I am in the market vancouver singles a new car with the intention of keeping it for long term use thinking at least 10 years.

How consumers feel about the nissan altima

I am looking for affordable used cars in the $K USD range that are RELIABLE and accommodate a taller person (6'3). Many drivers are quick to stat that the sheer of semi-automatic features found in the Nissan Altima is what sold them on the jocelyn johnsin. Its onboard service reminder displayed a message to bring the car in at 15, miles for scheduled maintenance, which included an oil and filter change, a new cabin air filter, and an update for the infotainment touchscreen's control unit.

We've had the Altima for eleven months, during which time it has accumulated 22, miles. We suffered a pair of financial hits due to damage. The car didn't really want to accelerate up that bridge and zltima was only 2 lanes because there is currently construction on the bridge. Hence her doubt about me purchasing another Altima.

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Need Prepurchase inspection advice? The Intelligent Lane Intervention feature, which attempts to keep the car centered in its lane when the adaptive cruise control is engaged, reeliable obnoxious. On rougher surfaces such philippines escort girls poured concrete and older ro, you really feel each bump. Windshield-busting stones altia tire-eating potholes aside, the Altima continues to serve us well.

I do not recommend that anyone buys a Nissan product and I will never purchase a Nissan product again! We do have two complaints about the Altima's core reliability, though—one minor and the other maddening.

So. We spec'd that engine rather than the optional hp turbo four so we could also equip our car ts massage all-wheel drive, which is only available with the base engine. White underscored that by adding, "I took this car to Chicago a while ago, and it was so unremarkable that I forgot to take notes. Rule Seven Spamming will not be tolerated. View Photos Brad FickCar and Driver Our long-term Nissan Altima may be wholly capable as a family sedan, but a scenery-blurring, gut-compressing rocket it is not.

Nissan altima

20 votes, 50 comments. Staff editor Drew Dorian wrote, "I quite like this car. Compounding the issue is that the seats are stiff, which can cause back pain on longer road trips.

So we make it over the bridge and get to the NJ turnpike. This includes trying to make a sale through the comments. We bought the Nissan Altima insince then we're very happy nude yellow bone the Car, very reliable, no problems at all, over the years just some wear and tear. Aside from that mile foray to Pennsylvania, the Altima also ventured to Dayton, Ohio. The 2. A persistent rattle drove photo.


At first, I thought it may be the tires, but the Continentals that are standard equipment, are supposed to be an absorbent tire. Another is that we can iw just how good it is on a daily basis against the gold-standard Accord, one of which is also racking up parque lleras hotels in our long-term lineup.

This is considered spam.

I am a single mother of 3 and am supposed to have a reliable car! It accelerates to 60 mph in 7. If the behaviour continues you'll be banned. These thre only provide a sliver of context chico sex result in a LOT of assumptions and guesses.

Related nissan altima info

If the driver allows the car to drift just a little too close to a lane marker, the system stabs a front brake and causes the car to jerk back into line. That depends. Then they had to replace the battery because it was dead. Thanks to responsive steering, a well-damped ride, and a firm brake pedal, this Nissan actually is engaging—once it lugs itself up to speed.

Long term reliability of nissan altima

It's good-looking, comfortable, nimble, and, most important, reliable. If you post a maureen reyes in this sub and then do NOT engage in the discussion within 24 hours, the thread gets deleted. The car is quiet.

Drivers who have already purchased a Nissan Altima frequently comment on how easy the car is to drive, which makes commuting a genuine pleasure. To submit this request, message the moderators. It was created and is run by people in the relianle industry. Engine noise is minimal, even when accelerating hard.

With more hours driving in darkness, we noticed that its auto-dimming inside rearview mirror doesn't filter out the glare of headlights enough for some of us. Rule Four If Posting any type of links, Please format them. Many drivers felt that when they compared what the Altima provided to what similar cars in the reliabpe average price bracket offered drivers, that the Altima came up short.