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My love my anger and all of my sorrow Searching Men

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My love my anger and all of my sorrow

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I am easy to figure out like.

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Take this! my love, my anger, and all of my sorrow!

SHINING FINGER!!!" — Domon, Calling His Attack in the hammiest way possible. SHINING. Video Examples Popularity on YouTube The most popular video featuring the Shining Finger Sword, is the original scene, which has recieved approximately views, but other variations of the same scene have up to views at their best. I just want to watch stupid G Gundam all weekend with its nationally stereotyped gundam.

When Domon Kasshu comes across an enemy, who is the victim to his brother Kyoji's evil deeds, he says the following phrase, before proceeding to destroy his opponent with Shining Finger Sword.

Think on this. Our own battle has just begun.

I really loved Jacob, but I needed him to love me back the way that I loved him. I'm positive!

Its burning MY LOVE, MY ANGER, AND ALL OF MY SORROWS! But if you choose me, you have to be the best damn imprint you can be.

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I sleepily led them into the living room. My hand burns with an awesome power! The line has become a popular source of humour, and it's commonly used in the comment section of videos. ALL IN ONE FINGER! This makes it possible to overtake a field, or beat an enemy with "The Help of Kyoji". Really think on it. The popularity of the audioswap videos themselves varies between and views, most of them gathering from to 20 views. Advertisement: Mobile Fighter G.

The Erupting Burning Finger has recieved approximately views, and there are more audioswap videos of it, than there are of Shining Finger Sword. Finally, I managed to catch some desperately needed sleep, though it was fitful. I gave Jacob a moment to process what I had just said. You can choose to be whatever you are with Bella - friends, fuckbuddies, whatever - or, you can choose to be my imprint.

This ability to self recover, allowing the deceased Dahall and his Gundam to keep on resurrecting. Examples of Use: This ability to give inspiring speeches, allowing supporters to haul and his policy to keep on resurrecting.

Obama has acquired the oratory abilities of the Dark Lincoln. The way that I see it you have a choice. External References.

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They were full of anger and frustration, but there was also a hint of sorrow, and I felt a pang in my heart. This Kyoji sounds like a swell guy, he's been helping everyone lately. If you choose me, ager can be friends with Bella - but you have to put up some boundaries - no more miss you man me out of that part of your life. I hate all these corny jokes!

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The air between us was silent and still. My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow! Don't cry, Rain.